Cover Letter

Dear Jacob Myers,

I am writing to express my interest for the job of a sports writer for RotoViz. This position will allow me to show off my determination, communication, persuasiveness and all around knowledge for the sports that will only improve your company.

I am studying hard at Brookdale Community College and I just want a chance to share my knowledge of sports and the growing industry of fantasy sports as well. I love sports and games as much as anyone can and I am sure there are more people like me. I love talking, debating, and showing people things about sports or fantasy sports. People have problems everyday and nothing makes me happier than being able to solve people’s problems.

I am a diehard sport fans that loves the occasional smack talk. Knowing a lot of things about one sport isn’t good enough for me I have to know everything about everything going on in sports. You name the sport and we will have a long conversation on it. My biggest weakness is that I do not know how to stop. I cannot stop because I love knowing everything I can about sports. To me there is no greater feeling in the world than being able to answer someone’s question off the top of my head.

Along with being a diehard sports fan, I am a huge fantasy competitor that will make you hate me because I know what I am doing and I will win and I will not accept defeat. Being able to take my knowledge from sports and convert it to fantasy games is great because I like trying to prove my knowledge of that sport to other people. I participate in the games such as Fantasy Football, Baseball, and Basketball and I have had a lot of success in each one. A key component to me winning is that I am very persuasive and have been told this by other people. I love convincing people that my way is the only way and debating it to prove to them why my way is the only way is a daily chore that should not take more than two minutes. Everything I do is to make myself better and if I am a part of your company making myself better will make you company better.

I know what this company is about. I want to help make it more popular and bring in more people than ever before. If I get the chance I will not bring it down failure is not an option with me. I am determined to be the best and make this company the best. I love this company; I have been with your great company for a long time as a customer. That is why I would love nothing more than being a part of it and make it better than ever before. If you have any further question about me please do not hesitate to call at 732-555-3286

Thank you for your time

Sincerely, Abel Guerrero


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