Fantasy Sports

Fantasy Sports has grown more than any other sports games in recent years and it keeps growing. Year after year people join a league with their friends and fantasy sports continue to get bigger and bigger. It tests my knowledge past the team overall and makes me look at the individual players and how they are. People think “oh you get the best guy in the league and that is it.” No you have to learn how to build a solid team overall not just a couple of great players and the rest are mediocre. I understand this and love to help other people understand this. I am in a lot of fantasy leagues especially in fantasy football and in my leagues combined I am well over .500 with already a couple of them won by me. I want to answers people’s questions and tell them what I think about the whole situation. Also learning why they thought their way was a good choice. Writing articles whenever I am allowed to, sharing it with people and them even taking it into consideration just makes me feel so honored and I love nothing more than that.


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