Sports have been something I loved ever since I could remember. Watching Superbowl after Superbowl with my brother betting the money we found in the couch at a young age was always fun but picking that right team year after year was more fun. Now I watch game after game with my dad whether it is football, basketball, or baseball. Every Sunday I grab the newspaper and pick teams to win against my dad for bragging rights on who knows more. I love testing my knowledge and seeing where I went wrong. Knowing which team is better, which team has the upper hand going into a matchup and why they have the better chance of winning to me is fun to know. I love the holidays because there are always sports games on the holidays almost every single time. Watching the games on the couch with family and friends are great but not because I am with them but because I always end up having a debate with them on sports. Seeing their own take on it and seeing why that is their take. I learn from the people around me because I love to see something from another person’s point of view. I have multiple points of views on subjects. I am not stuck on just my point of view I like to understand the people I am talking too. I love trying to see their way and show them my way too. It helps me be a better sports writer and that is what separates me from other writer.


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